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Roof Cleaning

If your rooftop appears black or dark streaked, it’s more than likely roof algae, lichens or moss feeding off it. This black algae typically grows on the north side of your rooftop. Black Algae growing on your home’s roof is unsightly and it can reduce the beauty of your home. The longer the algae goes untreated the more it weakens your rooftop. With time it diminishes your roof’s ability to reflect heat rays, weakens the wood, reduces curb appeal, and increases your home cooling expenses.

Our Treatment 

Our treatment does not involve pressure washing or aggressive cleaning of any kind. Here at our Collin County Pressure Washing & More, we possess the equipment and training to perform this safe roof cleaning treatment on both tile roofs and shingle roofs.

Not only does our soft wash cleaning process bring your roof back to a like new appearance, removing those ugly black streaks, we are also proud to offer our exclusive and proprietary plant protection protocols to prevent any damage to the vegetation around your home!   

Roof Cleaning Q & A 

Will your roof cleaning process damage my landscaping?

  • Our cleaning solution is safe for grass, shrubs, pets and people.  While very effective in killing all the algae and removing all the pollutants that cause the black streaks, our detergents are diluted to such a point that they will have no impact on your landscaping.  Our techs pre-wet all greenery and water throughout the process to insure no damage.

Will cleaning my roof damage the shingles?

  • No!  We use a low pressure, soft wash system that is endorsed by The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association to safely clean your roof.

Only one side of my roof has black streaks, can you clean just one side?

  • We absolutely can, just let us know when you get your quote.

How long will my roof stay clean?

  • Our roof cleaning process and procedures produce amazing results that can last between 2-4 years!


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