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Patio & Deck Cleaning

Is your deck looking its best? A simple deck cleaning can do wonders. Natural wood decks (non-painted) can be cleaned to look nearly brand new in most cases.


A special cleaner is used to remove all mold, mildew, and even the gray oxidation color from the surface of the wood. This leaves the deck clean and free of all debris and ready to be sealed or stained (or not if you prefer).


This process is extremely effective and uses a low to medium pressure on all wood surfaces, as to not fuzz of the surface of the wood.

We always use a very high-quality cleaning solution, but this will not always remove all of a previous stain, and it is not a good idea to try to “blast” this residue off with high pressure.

Also, marks from flowerpots, grease spots from grills, fixtures mounted to the deck, sap, and previous stain residues may not be removed and may be visible after cleaning or staining.


Some pine decks may have green coloring on the board from the factory pressure treating process. In these cases, we generally recommend cleaning the deck, assessing the amount of residue, then re-staining the deck with the same previous product, or a very similar product, or even a solid color stain in the worst situations. 

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